PureFeed® D

    Feeder in hygienic design

    New solution for feeding at very low feed rates

    PureFeed® D is particularly well suited to continuous, gravimetric feeding of tiny volumes of powder with manual refills.

    The innovative technology deployed in the PureFeed® D allows for high-accuracy feeding of small volumes from between 20 g/hr to 2 kg/hr using a speed-controlled, ceramic feed disc which rotates at the base of a cylindrical hopper and acts as the discharge mechanism.

    This disc separates the material supply from the outlet opening, thus avoiding uncontrolled outflow and prevents the bulk material which is already contained within the feeder from compacting. The pulsation-free feed principle and the wide adjustment range allow for precise, gravimetric feeding, especially of tiny volumes, without the discharge mechanism having to be replaced.

    Application Parameters

    • Ideal for low feed rates: 20 g/hr bis 2 kg/hr
    • Particle Size: 3 µm to 200 µm
    • Bulk Density: ≤ 1.4 kg/m3
    • Material Characteristics: Free-flowing to difficult to handle

    Characteristics of PureFeed® D Disc Feeder

    • Pulsation-free feed principle utilising a patented ceramic feed disc
    • Low vertical accelerations
    • No dynamic seal in direct contact with the feed material
    • Easy disassembly for COP cleaning
    • Dust containment system for transportation of the unit to a COP area
    • Gravimetric operational mode

    Typical applications
    for the PureFeed® D are in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries for feeding mills, mixers, extruders and compactors and applications in experimental and laboratory scenarios.

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