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Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeder

Designed specifically for low feed rate applications the PureFeed® AI-300 industrial gravimetric and volumetric feeder includes the following customer driven features; quick and easy disassembly, a dual arm external agitation system for maximizing material handling versatility, and a disposable, recyclable EPDM feed hopper. That means simpler, shorter cleaning cycles and virtually no chance of cross contamination when moving from one material to another.

PureFeed® AI-300 Feeder Features:
  • Volumetric and gravimetric configurations
  • Flexible EPDM feed hopper that is disposable and recyclable
  • Excellent for feeding micro ingredients, color pigments, and plastic additives
  • Quick and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
  • Feed rates from 0.5 to 150 kg/hour