Train scales

    Convenient, adjustable, cost-effective

    The convenient solution
    Train scales for torpedo vehicles allow pig iron to be weighed with ease.

    Static or dynamic
    The scales can be fitted statically under the blast furnace’s discharge position or dynamically in the track between the blast furnace and steel plant.
    Both the static and the dynamic MULTIRAIL® versions can operate fully automatically and calculate e.g. the net pig iron production volume per day for internal balancing purposes.
    The mechanical solution favoured by Schenck Process for both scenarios involves sleepers fitted with DMR weighbeams, or if the torpedo vehicle is exposed to higher wheel loads, the WDI weighing disc. These are also mounted straight on to the standard concrete sleepers (B70W) and feature a lower overall height. Depending on the torpedo vehicle type, any bridge length can then be produced.

    Loud and clear arguments

    The concrete foundations usually required are not needed for torpedo vehicles with gross weights of up to 800t. Production costs are saved and production losses caused by downtimes minimised.
    Precise results:
    When weighing both bogies, accuracy levels of +/- 0.1% of the weighing range’s limit value can be achieved and when weighing one side only, the figure is +/- 0.5%.
    To balance the volume of pig iron at the steel plant, the weight of torpedo vehicles travelling at 4-8km/h can be calculated without long delays. An accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the weighing range’s limit value is achieved.


    • Level control/monitoring
    • Monitoring and analysis of wear to the torpedo’s refractory and recognition of baked-on crude steel
    • Level monitoring with static scales
    • Analysis of changes in torpedo weight of vehicles which may arise as a result of refractory wear

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    Data sheets
    Weighdisc WDI 25t ... 200t (-0.07)
    Weighdisc WDI 15 t ... 200 t
    Weighbeam DMR 15t