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High precision, easy maintenance

Designed with extreme conditions in mind
Hopper scales in the burdening area have to retain their reliability and accuracy even under the most extreme of conditions. The high levels of dirt produced during the process mustn’t impact negatively on their function or ease of maintenance.
Schenck Process hopper scales have been designed for just these applications. Since they are fitted with RTN load cells which are optimised with VEN elastomer mounts along with bumber checks, neither dirt nor material admission can harm them.
The dampening effect of the elastomer mount reduces building vibrations and the dynamic loads of the discharge feeders. The bumber checks can be easily checked and set which greatly simplifies and speeds up all maintenance work.

Continuously reliable results, even under extreme conditions. Bumber checks are easy to check and set. All maintenance work becomes much simpler and faster and servicing costs are cut.

Schenck Process hopper scales are used in burdening areas for the production of pig iron.

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