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Baker Perkins supplies the MPX19 and MPX24 twin-screw extruders for small batch and low-output continuous production. The extruders are designed for all types of powder coating formulations, including epoxy, hybrids, polyester, acrylics and fines recycling, and are specifically engineered with features that help to maintain consistent quality while keeping running costs low.


Compact designs mean the extruders can be used either in a laboratory for new product development or in a production environment for tasks such as colour matching and small batch production. A castor-mounted base on the MPX24 - with conveniently located plug and socket utility connections - aid portability.

Consistent and Repeatable

In all instances the extruders deliver repeatable results that can be consistently reproduced on production scale machines. This ensures that the desired results are obtained first time, thereby improving quality and reducing costs.

Rapid Changeover

A number of features enable product changeovers to be accomplished quickly and easily. Top-opening barrels provide easy access for cleaning and the design means that a thorough clean can be achieved very quickly. It also assists with process optimization by enabling the mixing performance to be reviewed by stopping the screws and opening the barrel. In addition, the pre-assembled shafts and screws can be simply lifted out for cleaning or replacement with a different set.