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LOGiQ®, the fully automated yard management software.

LOGiQ® is a logistics control system for the bulk and general cargo industry, developed by Schenck Process. A logistics solution for a wide range of industries from a single source that automates all processes, from ordering to truck handling. On the one hand, LOGiQ® controls the flow of goods from and to the production processes. On the other hand, a fully automated data exchange between process and commercial systems takes place simultaneously.

Logiq Modulbausteine The special feature of LOGiQ® is the modular system chain. It consists of perfectly interlocking hardware and software components. These modular components enable flexible adaptation to any customer requirement.
Logiq Kom24-Stundenbetriebpatibilität LOGiQ® enables 24/7 operation. 24-hour operation can be controlled by an LOGiQ® Access Terminal installed at the factory gate. The system distinguishes between permanent card holders and one time visitors.
Logiq Kompatibilität Another advantage is the compatibility. The respective components can be easily combined with LOGiQ® modules and with products from other suppliers. This is an ideal solution, which is particularly suitable when existing components of a logistics chain are available in the company.


  • Recording of loading, unloading and loading weights
  • Control of loading stations (bulk material)
  • Control of release stations (bulk material / parceled goods)
  • Automated data exchange to ERP systems
  • Administration of master data as a self-sufficient system
  • Parking management
  • Factory access control
  • Manage different means of transport
  • (truck/train/container/ship)
  • 24/7 operations
  • Information services for the forwarding of fault e-mails
  • Electronic dispatch of delivery note
  • Management of containers with residual quantity monitoring


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