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The Injected Density Stabiliser with iQ - IDSiQ™ - is our latest innovation in dense phase pneumatic conveying technology for dry, coarse, or granular powders.

IDSiQ™ has been designed to significantly improve efficiency in dense phase pneumatic conveying, and upgrade and replace the function of traditional, existing pipeline air injectors, density stabilizers or 'boosters'.

Traditional air boosters are located along the dense phase conveying pipe at set intervals to help fluidize the conveying material and facilitate the conveying process. 

IDSiQ™ is a self-optimizing air technology which is set up in the same way but offers advanced ‘energy saving’ functionality and overcomes all the design and application issues which are typical challenges with traditional pipeline air injection boosters and density stabilizers.  

One detergent customer had a requirement to increase their Salt raw material transfer rate from 40 tonnes per hour to 50 tonnes per hour.

Schenck Process proposed the IDSiQ to be retrofitted to their existing 200nb conveying line to easily achieve the 20% increase in rate. The client did not need to change any conveying pipe or the dense phase vessel.   

IDSiQ™ technology promotes sustainability credentials and is proven to deliver substantial economic benefits through reduced pipeline blockages plus increased throughput or reduced overall energy consumption and associated costs. Typically, clients using IDSiQ™ have achieved on average up to 25% reduction in energy consumption - lowering their energy costs - or up to 25% increase in conveying rates – resulting in increased production rates. 


IDSiQ™ is used across many material handling industries including Chemicals, Plastics and Food, through to Metals.

The technology is especially suitable for pipelines conveying difficult to handle granular materials, such as Geldart Class B materials, that form full bore pipeline plugs, conveying at velocities in the range of 2 to 12 m/s.  These materials need assistance in the conveying line due to the compactable nature. 

IDSiQ™ is designed to be fitted to any style of pneumatic dense phase conveying system (not limited to Schenck Process systems) used for carrying materials over distances up to 150m (>150m can also be considered). 

Each IDSiQ™ system is engineered and configured for the specific requirements of each application.

IDSiQ™ technology is easy to install, with ‘plug and play’ functionality, making it suitable as an upgrade, retrofitted on systems already equipped with density stabilizers, or for new installations on pneumatic dense phase conveying systems.

How IDSiQ™ works:

Unlike the other solutions available, IDSiQ™ has been innovatively engineered to inject stabilising air, at high flow, only when a plug of material is detected between two injection points in the pipeline.

As soon as the material is moved at a particular injection point, the air volume efficiently switches to low flow. Installation of the IDSiQ guarantees the available compressed air is used much more efficiently; consequently, reducing the power consumption per tonne of material handled or increasing the conveying capacity, for the same energy rate. 

The IDSiQ™ equipment does not inject air behind the material plugs to avoid compaction and blockages. The technology also ensures no pipeline blockages occur because of an excessive plug length. IDSiQ™ encourages smooth consistent transitions along the pipeline reducing the traditional ‘stop and starts’ of the material plug when conveying. 

The technology can vary the injection air flow rate at any time and at any position along the pipeline, to manage all material plugs in the system simultaneously.  
No other technology can do this. 

Benefits of IDSiQ™ technology:

  • Energy-efficient, sustainable solution delivers reduced power consumption
  • Reduced blockages, bottlenecks, and downtime
  • Increased conveying capacity potentially avoiding the costs of bigger or additional systems
  • Less wear on pipeline bends due to lower dynamic loads
  • Lower and easy maintenance requirements
  • Modular design allows for a commonality of components and reduces the need for spare parts inventory
  • IDSiQ™ units do not need an external activation signal or electronics
  • IDSiQ™ technology is completely pneumatic with ‘plug and play’ functionality making the injection units are quick and easy to install, giving customers the maximum opportunity to benefit from the return on their investment
  • Extensive testing demonstrates the payback period can be short and substantial 

Put IDSiQ™ to the Test!

IDSiQ™ is one of a few innovations in dense phase conveying Schenck Process are offering to customers with the overall objective to keep their processes working, optimally and as efficiently as possible.

What would an increase production or reduction in energy consumption mean to your business in terms of cost savings, reduced energy consumption, and revenue generation?

We offer client-specific material tests in our Test and Innovation Center, based in the UK, to demonstrate customer specific results and benefits.

Contact us to discover how IDSiQ™ can positively impact your business.

Scott Backhouse
Industry Sales Manager – Chemicals and Performance Materials EMEA