Feeding screw

    A wide range of different feeding screw designs are used to feed bulk materials. Further adaptations are possible by varying the screw length and geometry. [... more]

    Filling scales

    Filling scales are used in semi-automatic and fully automatic filling processes within filling plants. They are integrated in feeding systems with a feeding device and control unit. [... more]

    Filling system

    Filling systems cover a large number of systems of different designs, from tiny filling systems with automatic or semi-automatic procedures to complex automation systems. [... more]

    Fine Grind Roller Mill

    The Raymond® Fine Grind roller mill was specially designed for achieving product size distribution with d50 measurement less than 6 microns. [... more]

    Flash Drying

    Flash drying is the rapid removal of moisture from mesh and micron sized solids which release moisture easily, primarily as surface water. [... more]

    Flow rate measuring device based on the Coriolis principle

    Mass flow measuring devices are used to continuously record, regulate and feed large volumes of bulk materials. Using the Coriolis principle, a unique principle for measuring bulk materials [... more]

    Force exciters

    There is a simple formula amongst experts: The force exciters' work starts where the vibration motors' work stops. [... more]