Cyclone Dust Collector

    Cyclone dust collectors* are collection systems capable of handling *heavy dust loads. The Schenck Process product range includes cyclones serving as pre-collectors in a dust collection system or as product receivers. The cyclone receivers Schenck Process provides handle airflows from 6,000 to 120,000 CFM. The high efficiency design provides superior collection on a variety of materials and particle sizes.

    Typical applications for cyclone dust collectors include:

    • High temperature applications off dryers and milling operations.
    • Areas where the potential for fire is high such as wood and biomass grinding operations.
    • Pre-separators for material that may not be suited to collect directly in a baghouse such as paper/end trim, direct reduced iron (DRI), and refuse derived fuel products.
    • Reducing loading into a baghouse so that a high entry inlet may be used to reduce interstitial velocity and a smaller baghouse footprint.