A/D converter unit DISOBOX® plus

    The A/D converter unit turns analogue input signals into digital data or a data stream which can be processed further or saved.

    Analogue/digital converters therefore determine the accuracy of evaluation electronics with DMS load cells.

    The Schenck Process DISOBOX® Plus is a multi-channel on-site analogue/digital converter unit. The output signal of every load cell connected is digitalised separately. This provides continuous access to the measuring voltage of every cell – an invaluable benefit in many applications:

    • when starting up (analysis of dead load distribution, electronic corner balancing)
    • during operation (analysis of load distribution on the scales, monitoring of load cells)
    • in the event of errors (the components affected are quickly identified)

    Digital signal transmission using a standard field bus system is fast, fail-safe and easy to plan.

    These characteristics make the DISOBOX® Plus ideal as a data recording and control unit for weighing systems – combined both with the Schenck Process evaluation devices of the DISOMAT® family and PC-based weighing systems or PLCs.

    Typical applications include:

    • truck scales
    • hopper scales
    • safety-related overload cut-offs according to EN-ISO 13849

    The integrated scales functions however also allow the device to be used as a multi-channel weighing indicator, for example for a series of simple hopper scales.