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Schenck Process FCSS is a hindered settling separator, using upward current water to create a column of stratified slurry in the tank. The heavier particles, which concentrate at the bottom of the tank, are discharged through the reject discharge valve(s). The smaller and lighter particles overflow the weir and are collected in the overflow launder with the overflow water.

Coal Processing Options
  • Raw Coal Processing
    Efficient alternative for fine coal processing
    Low cost plant capacity upgrade
    Spiral replacement
  • Spiral Product Upgrading
    Increase plant yield by producing a lower ash fines product
  • Froth Flotation Tailings Retreatment
    Recover fine coal from flotation tailings


The plant PLC control system automatically monitors and controls the adjustable separating gravity cut-point.

  • No power consumed-control power only, less than a light bulb
  • No magnetite or chemicals are required
  • Operates with clarified water from the thickener
  • Easy operation, minimum maintenance cost, operator attention and housekeeping
  • Ceramic parts and liners are provided in high wear areas
  • Compact design with small floor area reduces cost of plant structure
  • Handles fluctuations in feed conditions very well, from 0% to 100% capacity
  • No complicated feed distribution system
  • Circular shape assures equal radial overflow
  • Ep value much better than other comparable separation process equipment such as spirals, flotation and undeslimed heavy media cyclone systems
  • 1.40 to 2.00 separating gravity thus lower ash product
  • longer life 15-20 years (spirals 3-5 years)

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