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A multistation feeder for granulates with up to eight modules
Only a really multi-talented product can deal with the demanding feeding tasks of the plastic and chemicals industry with ease. However, the MULTIGRAV® multiple feeding station from Schenck Process is just such a multi-talented product. The multiple feeding system is enormously powerful and enables simultaneous feeding of different bulk solid components to form homogeneous mixtures. With an adjustable range of 1:80 it excels, delivering maximum feeding accuracy and consistent feeding constancy. With up to eight modules, it can be perfectly adapted to all kinds of different tasks. Powerful, reliable, highly variable and easier to maintain than ever before, it is an easily adaptable feeding station designed for fast, clean and easy product change.
Another plus is its compact, space-saving design, which enables the MULTIGRAV® to be easily installed practically anywhere.

Product change clean, quick and easy
Industries such as the carpet fibre industry alternately feed granulates such as PP, master batches or stabilisers. In the past such product changes used to be very time-consuming. The solution was to develop further the proven and successful system in the form of MULTIGRAV® EasyClean.
Pull out the feeder console with both hands. Attach the chute without tools. Open the chute fastening. This can be cleaned in no time; then simply close the console and continue with production.