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Direct and without Compromise. Direct weighing means to have a tight connection between sensor and supporting structure.
Direct Weighing Technology – Accurate Weighing Results with little effort.
Direct Weighing Technology – the smart Schenck Process solution. Just bolt the sensor to the construction, and you have a rugged and accurate industrial scale. Versatile, virtually maintenance-free and with highly accurate results even in severe environments.

Design, installation and operation are extremely simple and cost-effective thanks to the absence of mounting elements.

  • Flexible solution for many and varied applications
  • Highly accurate weighing in any environment
  • Easy installation, absolutely no maintenance
  • Savings through reduced structural steel costs
  • Rated load: 11,5 t – 800 t
  • Accuracy classifications: combined error from 0.1% to 0,03 % (OIML class C2, legal-for-trade)

SENSiQ® WB Weigh Beam
The standard for tough tasks especially in the steel segment. Available from 11,5t to 800 t capacity. Reaches an accuracy of up to 0,1% combined error. There is also a high temperature version available up to 180°C. A a round version is also available.

Weigh Disc
The flat, more accurate and even better protected alternative to the weighbeam. Reaches an accuracy of 0,07% combined error, is suitable in special version up to 200°C and has a very low height profile.

Railtec Sensors
Created for very accurate measuring results (up to C2 legal for trade) in the harsh environment of a rail track and industry costumer with track system. Weigh Disc WDI and Weighbeam DMR are used in our MULTIRAIL products.

Measuring Eye
If it is not physically possible or is not cost effective to include weighing equipment under or around a structure, then our measuring eye is an alternative. This very small sensor can be placed directly into the structure and measures precise any tension. Depending on the structure and the position of the measuring eye it is possible to measure weights e.g. in a hopper with an accuracy of up to 0,5%.

Radial Force Transducer
If it is required to measure the load on an axle, such as with crane scales, this is a solid and very accurate solution. It measures in the axle mount with an accuracy up to 0,1%. Dimension of the axle hole can be adopted individually.

Measuring Axis
Sometimes it is better to replace the axle itself with a measuring axle instead of measuring within the mount. Here we have some standard sizes available but we can also create any dimension that is required.

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