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Schenck Process Pulse Jet Filters can be used in a wide variety of air filtration applications. There are nine different dust collectors in the Pulse Jet family of filters that provide a wide range of air flows, access positions and air inlet arrangements. All models incorporate the same compressed air cleaning technology, reliable components and high quality construction.

AVR/AVRC Pulse Jet Filters

Air Vent Round (AVR) are bottom removal (below the tube sheet) pulse jet filters and are recommended for handling heavy dust loads or where the filter is used as a pneumatic receiver.

The AVR filter is a circular-bodied pulse jet cleaned bag filter unit designed to handle low air volumes up to 11,000 m³/hr, dependent on the material being filtered. The product is designed for higher pressure applications that cannot be handled with a filter of square or rectangular construction, such as product reception from vacuum or pressure conveying or clean-up systems. It is also suited to applications with low headroom, since the bags are removed from the dirty side of the filter via an access door in the filter body.

The same basic filter housing can also be fitted with pleated cartridges to offer higher filtration efficiencies and more filter area. The filter is then designated as an AVRC (Air Vent Round Cartridge), and can handle air volumes up to 19,000 m³/hr. The filters are cleaned using a high pressure pulse jet action that uses air from an external compressed air supply.

Design features of AVR/AVRC pulse jet filters:

  • Clean air plenum and filter body type filters are ideally suited as a bin vent filter for storage tanks, work bins and surge hoppers.
  • Clean air plenum, filter body and hopper type filters can receive the dust into a bin or through a hopper entry inlet and discharge the collected dust through an airlock for dust disposal or recycling.
  • Can be configured with a pneumatic receiver section and receive product from a vacuum or pressure conveying system.

Typical applications for AVR/AVRC pulse jet filters include:

  • Pneumatic receivers
  • Gypsum/Wallboard processing
  • Steel/DRI processing
  • Coal handling
  • Lime Processing
  • Cement processing
  • Aggregate processing
  • Mineral processing
  • Grain handling