T/R set repair

Stock can repair and rebuild almost any T/R Set manufactured in North America. Our process begins with an extensive T/R Set inspections and testing at our facility. After inspection and testing, a report and repair estimate will be submitted to the customer for review. T/R Set repair and refurbishment are completed per the customer requirements.

  • Preliminary external inspection prior to internal inspection
    • External visual inspection for damage and leaks
    • External Hi-Pot and Resistance test
    • Oil Sample testing
      • Insulation quality – electrical breakdown
      • Contaminants – metals, failed insulation, etc.
      • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
      • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Internal inspection following negative results of PCB test
    • Internal visual component inspection for damage or tracking
      • Low voltage and Feedback signal bushings
      • High voltage output bushing(s)
      • High Frequency choke coil(s)
      • Diode Stacks and wiring
      • Internal switch and wiring
      • Core, Windings and Insulation
    • Electrical component testing
      • Megger test diode stacks
      • Megger test transformer windings
      • Resistance test wiring and connections
      • Resistance test internal switch
  • Test report and repair estimate submitted to customer for approval no later than 3 weeks after receipt of T/R at Stock
  • Extensive inspection and testing of rebuilt T/R Set
    • Transformer resistance and ratio test
    • Transformer No Load and Excitation/Load Loss tests
    • Transformer Induced Potential test
    • Diode Stack Megger test
    • Spark test
  • Repairs are warranted for 1 year from date of shipment from Stock
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