Sootblower Maintenance Program

    Carriage Rebuild Program

    Rebuilding carriages for IK 525/545/555/SD model sootblowers are a significant portion of maintenance costs associated with sootblowers. With tight maintenance budgets, it can be difficult to perform all of the maintenance typically required for proper sootblower operation. By partnering with Schenck Process, plants can save 10% or more of the cost required to rebuild IK Series One carriages with each rebuild, freeing up capital to address more maintenance issues with the same budget. Schenck Process can also provide this service in half of the time of competitors, reducing the possibility of inoperable sootblowers or de-rating the boiler.

    Schenck Process will inspect and clean all components within the carriage and rebuild with all new bearings, seals, gaskets, seals, fasteners, and high wear items. Let our team with over 60 years of experience with gearbox design, service, and rebuilds, take care of your IK Series One carriages with the upmost care and quality. Work with our dedicated customer service team and customize a carriage rebuild/exchange program that works for you.

    We have a customer service team dedicated to sootblower maintenance and repair. For more information, contact Thomas Lyons at +1 (440) 543-6000 × 224 or

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    Carriage Rebuild Program