Side entry airlock (SEA)

    Handles extremely hard pelletized or chip materials

    The Side Entry Airlock (SEA) contains offset inlet and outlet ports to reduce product shearing. It is designed to handle extremely hard pelletized or chip material.

    With the SEA’s side entry inlet and outlet ports, this airlock can work in situations where typical drop-thru airlocks cannot. The SEA features round 150 lb. heavy-duty flanges on the drop-thru valve.


    • 150 lb. drilling heavy duty flanges
    • Outboard bearings
    • Air purge provisions in casting
    • Parallel drive
    • OSHA approved enclosed drive guard
    • 250° F temperature design
    • Open end rotors with fixed square tips
    • Built in adjustable slide gate to meter flow into pockets and reduce shearing in inlet


    • Open adjustable tip rotor
    • Beveled tips
    • Closed end rotor
    • Motion switch
    • Seal purge with lantern rings
    • End plate purge (with enclosed rotor)
    • Adjustable metering slide gate

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