RoCon® Series 6

Electronic rotational speed change sensor

The Rocon is a self-contained sensor is employed to sense blades on a target rotor mounted on the driven shaft. The unit operates on a digital principle, the response time being inversely proportional to speed, i.e. the higher the speed the shorter the response time. Switching occurs when the frequency of the blades passing the sensor corresponds to the threshold frequency. On dropping below the threshold the sensor de-activates.

Standard Units
Allows a machine to ‘run up to speed’. If normal running speed is not achieved within 10 seconds the sensor switching current is interrupted. Pre-set to activate at the min speed of 0.8 rev/min. Adjustable on site. (On request, units can be supplied to activate at a specified speed.)

The RoCon® Series 6 complies fully with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 and the requirements of Category 2 & 3 Equipment. It is suitable for use in Zone 21 & 22 conditions.

Features and Benefits
  • MULTI VOLTAGE Operation
  • Speed range of 0.4 to 720 rev/min
  • The Security and Protection of both machinery and system in the event of a machine failure.
  • Protection to IP67 BSEN 60529
  • Speed change detection unit Detecting – Mechanical failure, Overspeeding, Underspeeding
  • Supplied ready to fit
  • Self-contained
  • On-site adjustable speed switching
  • Low cost installation
  • Compatibility with PLC systems

Typical Applications

Rotation / no rotation detection of a shaft
In the event of machine failure the RoCon provides a control signal to stop and protect the machine. Used within single or multiple machine control systems.

equence interlocking at start-up
Ensures each machine in series is running before the preceding machine starts.

Automatic emergency shut down
The emergency stopping of one machine fitted with RoCon is signalled enabling preceding machines to be stopped so preventing a cumulative breakdown.

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RoCon® Series 6
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