Solid flow meter

    Low-cost and flexible

    Flexibility and simple scope for integration are just two of the many benefits of the MULTISTREAM® B solid flow meter.

    The closed inline measuring system for continuously recording flow volumes and rates covers a large range of possible uses, even in the basic version. It can be used to measure throughput and consumption or to balance and load powdered or granular bulk materials with an individual grain size of up to 30mm; at rates of up to 100t/hr or max. 80m³/hr.

    Since the inlet and outlet do not have to be offset, the device is also perfectly suited for low-cost integration in existing production plants.

    Since the meter is designed as a complete module for on-site operation, DISOCONT® evaluation electronics can be easily included in the integrated electronics housing. The basic equipment features a stainless steel housing, baffle plate, measuring sensor and integrated electronics housing.

    When combined with a controllable metering hopper, MULTISTREAM®B can even be used as a feeding system. Schenck Process specialists will configure the meter to your requirements on request.

    Benefits and special features:

    • Flow following the baffle plate measuring principle
    • Compact design without height being lost through the use of extra chutes
    • Low-cost, simple integration as inlet and outlet do not have to be offset
    • Dustproof stainless steel housing
    • Evaluation electronics can be integrated in mechanism

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