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By far the strongest Mucon powered actuated Iris valve is our Series E Iris Diaphragm Valve range It has an extremely robust construction with reliable drive elements making this the Iris Valve of choice for the most arduous of powder handling tasks.
The drive for the Iris Valve is provided by an electrically powered geared motor unit. Switches indicating open, closed and an adjustable intermediate position are fitted as standard.

Body parts are made from aluminium, with a Gunmetal Control Clamp Ring 316L Stainless steel fasteners are fitted as standard
Optional materials of construction as required
Stainless steel contact parts – Top and Bottom Clamp Rings only

For use on the outlets of Silos handling heavy bulk solids. E.g. Sand, Cement, Lime Powder etc.
Linked to weigh scale set points for ‘bagging off’ For use in controlling (not shut off) air flow ventilation ducting Use for Big Bag discharge where automatic actuation is needed
Used for In-Line applications with no leakage to atmosphere

316 stainless steel contact parts can be supplied on the Iris Valve
Fully open, closed and intermediate electric limit switches
Inverted motor – For use where space below the valve is restricted
Special motor and switching arrangement where the valve is required for ATEX Zone 22D
Available to suit all supply voltages
Special packages are available to suit hazardous locations
A variety of surface coatings to suit corrosive environments

Ability to handle and control the flow of very dense materials
It is Non jamming
There is no leakage into the atmosphere
Full bore opening – Therefore no product flow restriction
Suitable for frequent operation
Quick closing – and Ideal for weighing applications

Double diaphragm Iris Valve is perfect for in-line applications with no leakage into the atmosphere
The robust construction makes the Series E Iris Valves suitable for handling products in excess of 1600 Kg / m³ Diaphragm adjustment In-situ
The internal bearings and high quality materials enable frequent operation
Wide diaphragm selection to suit many specific applications
Bore sizes from 150mm to 450mm