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The Mucon Disc Valve is a radially pivoting isolation Swing Gate Valve suitable for applications involving temperature and pressure.
The advanced version Easy Maintenance Disc Valve , which allows the removal of the internal moving parts while the valve body remains in place. The inlet liner is separate and does not even have to be made from the same material as the valve body.
Unlike many slide valves, the Disc Valve does not jam or leak, due to its unique angled seat and floating disc arrangement. The Easy Maintenance Disc Valve is available in 100mm & 200mm sizes only constructed of three materials; aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel. Hand lever operated versions also available.
Customers have told us of Disc Valves (Swing Gate Valves) completing many thousands of operations before any attention is required.
The Swing Gate Valve a valve specification which encompasses all the advantages found in slide and butterfly valves, but with none of the disadvantages.
A radially pivoted arm supports a free floating disc. The arm allows the disc to swing in an arc towards an angled seating face. The angled face ensures the disc only makes contact at the last moment causing a mild wedging action.

Three materials of construction including aluminium alloy, cast iron and stainless steel Flanges drilled to BS4504 PN10- PCD & No. of holes only, not hole size

Applications for Swing Gate Valves include the following
Silo Discharge valves for Heavy duty products such as Cement Powder, Limestone powder and Sand
Isolation valves between silos and screw conveyors
Valves for feeding reactor vessels (Two products react together)
Valves can be used in pairs for volumetric dosing into processes
Charging dense phase conveying blow pots Hot ash collection hoppers

Swing Gate Valves offer great versatility, as they can be enhanced using the following A variety of seal materials are available with the Swing Gate Valves to suit the most arduous process or for clean down
A variety of shaft bearing materials
Various coatings are also available for extreme applications
Open and closed and intermediate position indication switches
Pre-piped and valve mounted control solenoid assemblies Can be upgraded for ATEX Zone 21/22 Dust

The benefits of the Mucon Swing Gate Valve include;
Non jamming action Full Bore discharge
Ability to cut through a static column of product
100% product shut-off Replaceable Seating Face
Easy replacement of Disc seal
Swing Gate Valves provide reassurance to the end user that the process is dust tight Long life, low maintenance

No slide guides to jam or collect product
The shaft only passes through the body casting and is easily sealed using a proprietary seal assembly A dovetail groove in the seating face locates another proprietary seal ensuring a dust tight closure
The Swing Gate Valve outlet is always larger than the inlet, ensuring no product hang-up points internally
In-situ seal wear adjustment
Three Purge Points are built into the valve body for ease of cleaning