Mucon Oyster Valve for Sample Tests

Want a solution to obtaining product samples from a wide range of production processes ?

Designed to quick and easily extract powder samples from Reactors, Dryers and Conveying Systems with minimal disruption to the production process. The standard Valve has a non-intrusive piston with a sample port at an angle to the main body, into which the sample material falls under gravity when the valve is opened. The sample port has a purging valve, used to equalise pressure / vacuum to the outside. The Sample Valve is attached to the vessel by means of a Tri-Clamp or Mounting Flange. Mounting arrangements can be customised if customers require.

316L Stainless steel contact parts
Non-contact parts are produced in 304L or 316L if preferred Bronze Drive Bush
FEP or Kaflon O Rings Piston – PTFE
Tri-Clover Gasket

Provides a quick and easy solution to extracting powder samples from a wide variety of process machinery such as;
Reactors Conveying Systems

Automatic operation
High Containment sample taking Hastelloy H22 product contact parts
Scotch rite or Electro–Polished finish for non-contact surfaces
Mounting PN6 or PN Flange CIP version

Non-Intrusive sample extractive Robust design
Fast and simple to use
Fewer components makes it easy and quick to strip down and reassemble – No special tools needed A wide variety of non-contact surfaces ATEX classification if required for potentially explosive environments. Purging valve with Tri-clamp attachment for easier cleaning

The standard Sample Valve is DN 50 with a 40mm sample port. Other sizes can be manufactured to meet customer requirements .
A choice of contact parts to suit abrasive material applications
Manual actuation via hand wheel as standard – Automatic operation available
Operating Pressure -1 to 3.5 barg
Operating Temperature 30°C to 150°C
Design Pressure is 10 bar
A selection of Valve Mounting options – Tri-Clamp, PN6 Flange and PN10 Flange.
Mountings customised to suit customer requirements