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Stainless steel hygienic Butterfly valves which offer an outstanding technological solution to the handling and control of tablets, capsules, powders, granules and liquids. The Mucon range is made to exact tolerances and finished to the highest, most stringent hygienic requirements.
Mucon stainless steel hygienic Butterfly valves have been designed for use in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Dairy sectors specifically, where the highest level of hygiene is required
Allows the end user to quickly and effortlessly strip-down the complete Butterfly valve for total cleaning due to Its crevice-free, smooth bore and compact design
In this version the valve body is assembled using stainless steel fasteners that ensure a rigid and robust construction. Fasteners are kept to a minimum for easy disassembly for cleaning, but for applications requiring regular cleaning we recommend the Mucon Oyster Compact series fitted with the patented clamshell body clamp.

Body of the Valve made from – 316L stainless steel Gasket Seals – Silicone, EPDM, FKM (Viton®), PTFE, MFKM and other FDA approved elastomers Leaf is co-moulded FDA silicone rubber on a stainless steel chassis
Internal High Polish Finish – RA <0.4µm or to specific customer requirements
External Polish Finish – RA <1.2µm or to specific customer requirements Other components are produced in AISI 304

Use the Mucon Oyster butterfly valve when quick disconnect from process is required.
Perfect for any hygiene applications requiring gentle operation and isolation characteristics or when the material to be handled is friable or prone to damage.
Can be fitted to tablet coating and packing equipment as well transportation IBCs
Suitable for in-line isolation or open discharge of tablets or capsules

Mucon provides a wide range of standard sizes, but can also work with customers to design and build bespoke products. It is possible to choose materials, dimensions and sealing arrangements to specifically meet our customers requirements.
Available in sizes DN100 (4”), DN150 (6”), DN200 (8”), DN250 (10”) and DN300 (12”) Option to be fitted with manual hand lever or pneumatic actuator options (also available with position indication switches)
A variety of seal materials are available

The patented Oyster clamshell body clamp makes the Oyster compact series the ideal choice when ease of disassembly is a key requirement, when combined with the standard tri-clover valve mounting clamps
Flexible blade and smooth bore ensures the process material is protected as it passes through the valve and during it’s closing cycle.

Suitable for CIP and SIP A variety of connections are available including; TC BS 4825-3, TC ASME BPE, TC DIN32676, TC ISO2852, TC OSAME A, Weld End, Connecting Flange, Wafer