Bridge distribution system

    As part of Schenck Process’ ongoing commitment to producing effective and efficient material handling systems, the MaxiStore® bridge distribution system has been created in order to maximise the potential for bulk material handling and storage.

    The MaxiStore® is one of the most advanced and considered bridge distribution systems available. It provides a modern, functional approach to bridge distribution using up-to-date technology and fresh ideas in material handling to offer the most effective bridge distribution system.

    What makes the MaxiStore® a superior bridge distribution system?

    The MaxiStore® offers many benefits including:

    • Suited to buildings with a low-pitch roof which allows greater width, maximising storage capacity
    • Can be fitted within an existing low-profile building as a retrofit arrangement
    • Machinery loads are carried via building walls, not the roof, offering significant construction cost reductions.

    Flat Store or Silo?

    The use of a flat store is virtually self selecting when considered against a number of criteria.

    • High throughput volume.
    • Throughput of different types and qualities of product.
    • The need to keep them segregated.
    • Storage characteristics of the material which make it difficult and or expensive to reclaim material from silos.
    • The photograph shows how the material ‘stands up’ and creates almost vertical walls illustrates this point.
    • Cost, where floor space is not a problem then the flat store provides an economic solution as opposed to the alternative silo arrangement.
    • The overall operational philosophy of such a plant and its equipment is well established and very practical which simplifies control methods. Plant maintenance is simplified and personnel readily assimilate the operational requirements.