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MEGABond delivers high efficiencies for a wide variety of dust collection applications. With the ability to operate at air to cloth ratios twice that of competing cartridges, MEGABond opens a new window of opportunity to aggressively size collectors, while maintaining the same high levels of efficiency.

Nanofiber technology offers MERV 15 operational efficiency, which delivers outstanding efficiencies on submicron particles. Additionally, the nanofibers do not flake off during pleating or pulsing.

Operating principles

Air pulse cleaning is more efficient and effective with MEGABond’s FixedPleat feature. The unique pleat spacing design allows for more systematic cleaning between the pleats of the media. This improved cleaning extends the life span of the cartridge. Fiber flexibility, toughness and elasticity generate multiple cost-efficiency benefits:

  • Increased energy savings
  • Longer filter media life
  • Reduced filter replacement frequency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Promotes self-cleaning

MEGABond filter cartridges are available for the Schenck Process MSS SpaceSaver and Mac2Flo dust collectors and can be used in many competitors dust collection systems as well.