Gravimetric feeder rebuild kit

    Stock® Feeder Rebuild Kits contain critical components for replacement in existing feeders that can prevent possible unit derating and forced outages due to failures of components in your equipment. The rebuild kits can return gravimetric feeder accuracy to the original specifications of ±½ of 1 percent. A consistent fuel flow to the pulverizer results in improved boiler efficiency, better emissions control, improved reliability and availability. Gravimetric Feeder Rebuild Kits allow the customer to better manage maintenance money while still maintaining the feeders to OEM specifications. Kits can be customized to suit customer needs and requirements.

    Gravimetric Feeder Rebuild Kit includes:

    • Weigh Span Roller Kit
    • Retainer Grease
    • Drag Link Assembly Kit
    • Belt Plate Support
    • Drive Pulley Kit
    • Bushings
    • Washers
    • Bearings
    • AccuFlex Belt

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