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Experts in bulk material handling systems and bulk bag filling & discharging

Established in 2000 at Stockport, UK, through our FPE brand, we design and manufacture powder handling systems and processing technologies for the food and beverage, pet food, detergent, chemical and performance material industries. Its recognised product brand names Flomat Bagfilla, Aeromaster and JADAL, proudly date back over 40 years.

Known for its innovation, 2018 has seen the acquisition of the Digital Assets and Intellectual Property of FPE and its leading brands Flomat Bagfilla, Aeromaster and JADAL.

Having incorporated the FPE product range into our Schenck Process’ globally recognised bulk material handling solutions, customers new to Schenck Process, can remain assured of a high level of systems, service and process expertise.

The most popular of the FPE range is the Flomat Bagfilla FIBC Filling and Discharging Machines, as well as the Javal Bin Activator.

As part of the FPE range, we provide process solutions for new components, systems and projects, as well as service packages that include spare parts, maintenance and upgrades.

If you have an enquiry for FPE's renowned product brands Flomat Bagfilla, Aeromaster and JADAL, email