May 2008

New winning combination from Schenck Process

For many years, the RTN load cell used in Schenck Process’ truck scales has been a reliable guarantee for high quality standards. And now, the new low-cost VDW load cell for the latest generation of DFT truck scales offers customers even more alternatives. more

More robust and more powerful than ever

As soon as the latest generation of mature technologies concentrates solely on making optimum features even better, customers get much more than a basic product. And these innovative extras are the icing on the cake. The new DFT truck scales from Schenck Process have received top marks for their noteworthy optimisations. The first of these more

April 2008

Schenck Process Group honoured with the Oliver Wyman Best Growth Award for Mechanical Engineering Companies

Schenck Process is the best example of the successes a good strategy process can deliver. In recognition of the successful definition and ongoing realisation of its growth... more

December 2007

November 2007

Eliminating disturbance. With MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight

Weighing liquids dynamically is a challenge. Material flows in the chemical and petrochemical industries are high-value commodities where every litre is worth its weight in gold. But liquids are now transported by rail, and they need time to settle and become still before they can be accurately weighed. more

October 2007

ProFlex® C, the special feeder from the specialists

How can you make something good even better? By bringing together the best solutions and developing them consistently. The ProFlex® C special feeder with its proven Schenck Process quality and stability has been developed in this way and is based on the experience of two generations of feeders with flexible troughs. more

August 2007


For 7 years and with great success, Schenck Process has been marketing the DISOMAT® B plus weighing terminal but now it is being replaced with a new and even more powerful terminal: DISOMAT® Tersus is adaptable, flexible, sustainable and will handle all your complex tasks. more

HgCapital sells Schenck Process to Industri Kapital

Schenck Process is to embark on further expansion with the support of Industri Kapital following two years of successful growth under the stewardship of HgCapital. Industri Kapital has signed an agreement more

LOGiQ®: New Intelligent Software at Schenck Process

The intelligent software LOGiQ® is currently being introduced at Schenck Process as the first step in a new range of products. The software is middleware for automating the planning and loading of bulk materials... more

June 2007

Schenck Process Group Launches Software Offensive

It’s only when the company computer network fails that you realise how much you depend on this form of data processing. But what is simply annoying for private users often results in big drops in turnover for businesses. more

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