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April 2010

The wireless approach

Weighing and feeding can be a very elaborate, time-consuming and costly process. Configuration, monitoring and maintenance work are significant factors depending on the raw materials to be processed and the system properties. In some cases, scale controls used in tough environments incur high maintenance and repair costs. more

January 2010

ProFlex® C volumetric

The volumetric version of the gravimetric ProFlex® C feeder is a low-cost alternative to a proven Schenck Process product. It is also used to feed additives and fillers in powder, granulate or fibre form. more

March 2009

Proven system with a new look

The MULTIDOS® L Weighfeeder from Schenck Process delivers outstanding results in gravimetric feeding tasks or when recording mass flows of special products. If the installation height is very low and transport distances need to be covered, it's certainly the right system: economic, space-saving and virtually maintenance-free. more

February 2009

Schenck Process Acquires the Bulk Material Handling Assets of the TEDO Company s.r.o.

Schenck Process is pleased to announce the acquisition of the bulk material handling assets of the TEDO Company s.r.o., Czech Republic... more

December 2008

Weighing pig iron with precision

Steel is a high-quality material. High-precision weighing and documentation of basic raw materials is therefore extremely important. Schenck Process has now successfully taken a major step towards even more precision with the MULTIRAIL® HotMetalWeight rail vehicle scales. more

September 2008

First-class analysis system

What would weighing and feeding technology be without precise analysis systems? The answer is obvious – and Schenck Process, the global market leader in measuring and process technology, is regularly spurred on to deliver the best performance in this area. more

New ProFlex® C feed system for compound and masterbatch industry

Recipes harmonised down to the last gram are a guarantee of quality in the compound and masterbatch industry. The ideal feeders must therefore be fully harmonised to the properties of the bulk materials and feed rates and need to be flexible in terms of spatial requirements as well more

Schenck Process Acquires Screenex from the Locker Group

Schenck Process, Germany, is pleased to announce agreement on the acquisition of Screenex Pty Ltd (“Screenex”) of Australia from the Locker Group. Serving both the pre and after sales markets... more

Precision even when in motion: exact weighing with MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight – Class 0.2

The more valuable raw materials become, the more important it is to handle them responsibly. This also applies to weighing systems: Small inaccuracies can add up to become major cost factors. In contrast, an exact measuring technology optimises the entire weighing process and therefore ensures lower costs. more

May 2008

New winning combination from Schenck Process

For many years, the RTN load cell used in Schenck Process’ truck scales has been a reliable guarantee for high quality standards. And now, the new low-cost VDW load cell for the latest generation of DFT truck scales offers customers even more alternatives. more

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