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Wirelessly configuring and monitoring scales from "a safe distance"

Weighing and feeding can be a very elaborate, time-consuming and costly process. Configuration, monitoring and maintenance work are significant factors depending on the raw materials to be processed and the system properties. In some cases, scale controls used in tough environments incur high maintenance and repair costs.

Ten years ago Schenck Process took its first major step towards improving cost/benefit ratios with specially designed mechatronic weighfeeders. These feature mechanics and electronics in a shared sturdy unit which makes them particularly robust, durable, easy to maintain and highly interoperable as various interfaces allow them to be linked to virtually any automation system.

When coupled with the innovative EasyServe service program, the result is an unbeatable system that can now also be configured wirelessly from a distance.

EasyServe. The name says it all

The EasyServe service program can be used to conveniently install, configure and monitor the weighfeeders using a laptop. And thanks to new Bluetooth wireless modules, this process went wireless two years ago.

A process requiring no cables offers much more than simply high convenience. When weighfeeders are difficult to access, Bluetooth provides impressive selling points as these are now free for wireless communication and the full range of opportunities that offers.

The operator can also work at a clean and really comfortable workplace at a safe distance from all the action, which conserves the operating unit and is better for maintenance staff at the service site. Other selling points include the fact that cumbersome cables are no longer needed and can be consigned to history.

But let’s stick to the present where wireless methods can be used over considerable distances, saving both time and money. Depending on the variant used, weighfeeders can be wirelessly configured from distances of 30 or 100 metres.

Existing scales and feeders, fitted with DISOCONT®, INTECONT® PLUS or DISOMAT®, can also be equipped for modern networks. Both Ethernet and WLAN can be used for communication and data processing with the customer’s network.

Great communication services included

The breadth of services offered by the new wireless module is also impressive. Its main job is optimum configuration via EasyServe for commissioning and ongoing service work, including parameterisation, monitoring and maintenance. Settings for trends such as feed rate and weight in the weighfeeders’ time line can also be easily recorded and graphically depicted within the service program.

Perfectly equipped for every scenario

EasyServe can be used for DISOCONT®, INTECONT® PLUS, INTECONT® Satus and INTECONT® Opus.

DISOPLAN is the service tool for DISOMAT® Tersus, DISOMAT® Satus, DISOMAT® Opus and DISOBOX®.
When using several DISOCONT® feeding electronics in one system, Bluetooth wireless technology can take the place of the service bus.

Depending on specific requirements, Schenck Process offers two different module range classes: Bluetooth class 1 for up to 100 metres and Bluetooth class 2 for up to 30 metres. A two metre connection cable allows the transmission path to be aligned perfectly.

As they are simply attached using two external clips, it’s just as easy to affix the two modules as it is to operate them. Smooth data operation is indicated on the integrated LEDs and both modules offer IP65 protection.

Want to know more? No problem. Just give us a ring and speak in person to one of our specialists working on innovative scale solutions with EasyServe, the new wireless service program.

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