New control unit CONiQ is recognized for intuitive and customer centric interface design

CONiQ, the new weighing control unit from Schenck Process for industrial weighing applications, is engineered to be fit for completely different environments and completely different tasks. It starts to be launched still within 2019 and already now, the new control unit has received its first award: the red dot design award 2019 for interface design.

CONiQ was developed in an iterative human centered design process together with Custom Interaction and André Stocker Design.

Starting with field observations, detailed data about current usage with the predecessor weighing device as well as user needs were collected. The analysis of those information were transformed into first drafts of the CONiQ user interface. User feedback from early UX-tests and interviews was what developed those first drafts into first wireframes and later clickdummys. In every iteration user feedback was gathered and integrated in the next version of the user interface. The visual design was developed and integrated into the user interface in parallel. The result is an easy-to-understand, easy-to-operate and like-to-have interface design.

Peter Groll, Chief Technology Officer Schenck Process Group, “ […] This is really a breakthrough for Schenck Process to be recognized as a company having significant capabilities in designing excellent user interfaces. […] Schenck Process is very well known as an expert for bulk material handling equipment but this award proves: we are more. […] “

Click here to see his full statement on winning the red dot design award 2019.

The first user feedback confirms the consistent implementation of a user centric development and attests a “quantum jump” (quote from a user) in the development.

Schenck Process is proud that both the first users of the interface as well as the international jury of the red dot design award 2019 are content with its design and usability. Over a period of several days, the experts had intensively reviewed, discussed and evaluated a total of 8.697 international award contributions in order to ultimately reward the best, including CONiQ.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, explains: “For around 65 years, the Red Dot Award as one of the world’s largest design competitions has been providing a platform for designers, agencies and companies to evaluate good design. I want to congratulate the laureates sincerely on their distinction, which both bears testimony to their convincing performance and highlights their quality and design leadership. Anyone who succeeds in such a strong and international bunch of competitors deserves to be proud of themselves and of their achievements.”

About Schenck Process
Schenck Process is the global technology and market leader in applied measuring technology. We make processes work in all areas of industry throughout the world. For us that means improving our customer processes in terms of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Combining outstanding equipment and extensive process knowledge, we develop and manufacture innovative solutions for weighing, feeding, conveying, thermal processing, pulverizing and classification, screening, mixing and blending, automation, and air filtration applications. We focus on the needs of our customers and support them through the whole lifecycle of a product. For more information, visit or contact us here.

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red dot award 2019 winner interface design
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