LOGiQ dispatch automation solution goes live at three locations in just a few weeks

Schenck Process has upgraded three cement factories to smart factory standard in less than three months. This is the next successful step in the long-standing, excellent customer relationship between the Darmstadt-based specialist in measuring and process technology and the Swiss construction material producer LafargeHolcim Ltd. The experience gained by both companies last year in implementing the LOGiQ dispatch automation solution in 18 cement factories on the East European market has greatly sped up the process of retrofitting the former Cemex factories for the Holcim Deutschland group. The systems in Dortmund, Duisburg and Beckum went live without any hiccups.

By deciding to control and monitor the dispatch of construction materials with automation software from Schenck Process, the cement manufacturer made a conscious move towards a closer collaboration. At Holcim’s request, the Darmstadt-based firm developed a uniform software solution with standardized workflows for the dispatch of cement and incoming raw materials based on the LOGiQ series of software modules. The long-term effect of long-term partnerships has now been confirmed by the German factories switching over to this solution. “Holcim is a very good customer and has a lot of experience with LOGiQ. With the help of an integration team from Schenck Process and Holcim, our software was installed on all systems – by the customer independently too,” said Nino Stölzel, Key Account Manager at Schenck Process, once the project had been successfully completed.

LOGiQ delivers flexible and intelligent automation

The LOGiQ dispatch automation solution networks the local intelligence of matched hardware and software modules for logistics solutions in the bulk materials and cargo industry. The system automates processes and flows of goods at all points between ordering and dispatch. At the same time, the software controls information flowing from and to production processes and commercial systems and interactions with the people and machines involved. If the customer’s requirements change, the system can be flexibly reconfigured. By working with LOGiQ, companies are developing smart factories.

The Holcim cement factories in Dortmund, Duisburg and Beckum received the following from Schenck Process (quantities adapted for the factory in each individual case):
  • LOGiQ software modules for controlling the driver self-service and automation with links to the SAP, LOGON and process control system
  • Terminals for driver self-service with functions for registration, weighing, loading and production of delivery slips
  • Truck scales, including installation and calibration, equipped with the latest DISOMAT® Tersus weighing electronics
  • Control equipment for controlling traffic and loading

Fully functional, integrated systems underpin partnership

Holcim (Deutschland) AG, based in Hamburg, is one of the leading manufacturers of construction materials in Germany (cement, aggregates, concrete) and a subsidiary of the Swiss company LafargeHolcim Ltd., the world’s largest manufacturer of cement. Holcim vastly increased its presence in Germany at the start of 2015. The Holcim Deutschland group now has around 1,800 employees at more than 130 locations in twelve German states. Fully functional, integrated systems are key to Holcim’s business strategy. So it put its trust in the expertise of Schenck Process when selecting a transport automation system that dovetailed with all its company processes.

Understanding and networking production and commercial processes

LOGiQ is the flexible solution for the automated turnover of goods. Through its modular system, LOGiQ produces logistics process chains with custom-designed processes and complete documentation. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The benefits of LOGiQ:
  • Automated processes from ordering to shipment
  • Control of flows of goods to and from the production processes
  • Automation of the exchange of data between process and commercial systems
  • Complete documentation of all processes
  • Accurately defined loading and unloading, even without operators

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