Superior and highly flexible: the MULTIGRAV® feed station

For your muesli to taste the same every morning, it’s important that every pack contains exactly the same amount of raisins, oat flakes etc. Only a multi-talented system can handle this and other challenging feeding jobs in the foodstuffs industry with ease. And Schenck Process has the answer: the MULTIGRAV® and MechaTron® stations, which use continuous gravimetric feeding for the best results.

This is especially true for the simultaneous feeding of different components to produce a homogenous mix. For example, the MULTIGRAV® is used to manufacture basic foodstuffs, confectionery, flavourings and pet food. It is also used in the bakery industry and for making convenience products.

Maximum precision
The more challenging the feeding tasks, the more flexible the solutions need to be. This is a challenge to which the MULTIGRAV® feed station rises spectacularly. The MULTIGRAV® can therefore be installed with a console for individual feeding. Up to eight can be grouped together on a shared console for multi-ingredient batching. The MULTIGRAV® adapts perfectly to even the most challenging of tasks: powerful, reliable, versatile and very easy to maintain. It’s an easily adapted feed station for quick, clean and easy product changes. And it’s highly precise too. With an adjustment range of 1:80, the multiple feed station offers maximum precision and constant feed consistency. Another benefit is the compact design which allows the MULTIGRAV® to be fitted virtually anywhere, even in tight spaces. The console, the bottom of which is protected against heat radiation, remains freely accessible at all times.

Convincing benefits

  • Compact design: space-saving assembly
  • High feed precision and constancy
  • (better than ± 0.5 percent) thanks to optimised vibratory feeder
  • EasyClean feature makes the unit easy to clean
  • Virtually free of maintenance
  • Low investment costs
  • Optimum precision over a wide adjustment range
  • Depending on system module, nominal delivery rates of 0.3–400 kg/h
  • (max. 720 dm3/h) without mechanical conversion thanks to EasyAdjust
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Superior and highly flexible: the MULTIGRAV® feed station

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