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The volumetric version of the gravimetric ProFlex® C feeder is a low-cost alternative to a proven Schenck Process product. It is also used to feed additives and fillers in powder, granulate or fibre form. One particularly appealing feature of the volumetric feeder is that it requires no maintenance. Its well thought-out design also makes flexible installation possible. Available in two feeder sizes and a total of three container sizes, the system fits in any available space. Up to eight feeders can be installed in a very compact space to form one complete feeder station as the augers are positioned off-centre. The position of the drive and auger can be changed at any time and they can easily be modified later on.

Vertical container walls mean that optimum use is made of the space available and this also impacts positively on how the bulk material flows.

The ProFlex® C feeder system is available in two discharge lengths for feed rates of up to 9500 dm3/hr. Maintenance-free operation, easy cleaning, the external agitation drive using connecting rods and the robust auger mounting make the ProFlex® C very easy to care for.

Both models of the ProFlex® C can be completed with various feed hoppers, augers and spirals. Various control concepts, ranging from the simple version with constant speed to Profibus-based control, are also available.

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