The new generation of feeders for the compound industry

How can you make something good even better? By bringing together the best solutions and developing them consistently. The ProFlex® C special feeder with its proven Schenck Process quality and stability has been developed in this way and is based on the experience of two generations of feeders with flexible troughs.

Save space and time, adapt flexibly and improve quality

When fitting in existing and new production facilities, every millimetre counts. That’s why the engineers who developed this product were especially keen to produce a design that can be flexibly adjusted to any specific space using two feeder sizes and a total of three container sizes.

The special characteristics of the ProFlex® C can be seen even during installation. The off-centre arrangement of the augers allows up to eight feeders to be installed in the optimum space. The arrangements for both the drive and augers can be adjusted during installation at the build end-user.

Two discharge lengths are available as standard. With feed rates of up to 6000 dm3/h.

The vertical container walls mean that not only is every single millimetre used to the maximum, but also perfect mass flow is achieved.

Optimised, zero-maintenance operation

Experience has taught us that material flow can be optimised if the auger and paddle are driven separately. This was of course taken into account in the development work. Driving the paddle using connecting rods and robust bearings makes maintenance work superfluous.

The ease with which the containers can be cleaned is another benefit and allows each product change to be processed with little effort. Just two easily accessible sides are needed for service work.

The new product is rounded off by the Multipoint weighing system with two DMS load cells. All in all, the ProFlex® C is a very robust weighing system, virtually free of interference with a high natural frequency. Zero maintenance. Easy to clean. Flexibly adaptable – it is being consistently optimised by specialists for feeding techniques proven around the world for use in the compound industry.

The new ProFlex® C feeder will be unveiled at the K Trade Fair between 24 and 31 October. By coming to this event, you will have the opportunity to meet specialists who will be happy to explain all the product’s special features to you first-hand.

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