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Schenck Process bogie test rig is innovative while building on tried-and-tested technology – Three different models are now available

Precision-calibrated bogies are vital for ensuring that high-speed trains are both safe and comfortable. Schenck Process is dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art rail technology and has now extended its MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad line with three new models: MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro, MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad plus and MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad eco. Thanks to these additions to the Schenck Process MULTIRAIL® family, rail operators and train manufacturers have the ideal solution for all their activities, from vehicle manufacturers to maintenance work on locomotive and high-speed chassis systems.

If a variety of bogies, a high throughput, minimum set-up time and ultimate in accuracy are required, the MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro is perfect for the job. This model uses specially developed sensors to scan and log the forces distributed among the wheels of a rail vehicle – this data is of essential importance when evenly calibrating a train chassis. The system also assesses the geometry of the wheelsets and other key geometrical factors in order to have a synchronised set up. These characteristics are necessary if rail operators want to ensure their vehicles run smoothly and safely, with minimal wear and tear, reduced maintenance and ultimately, overall lower maintenance costs. Another special feature of the MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro is its outstanding repeatability due to the highly accurate positioning of the bogie in the test bench. Top-quality mechanical components keep downtime to an absolute minimum, quick-action drives support the fully automated process and make it ideal for regular inspections. Schenck Process bogie test rig represents a tremendous step forward in our effort to make train bogies fully interchangeable.

Maintaining the efficiency and safety of regional trains and commuter systems such as Metro networks is another key inspection. If this is the main focus of inspection, then the MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad plus is the first choice due to its excellent cost-benefit ratio.

For assembling as well as dismantling train chassis and combining that with load measurement, our third model in this series, the MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad eco combines both functions in a single bogie test rig.

What all our MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad models share is their fully electromechanical spindle-based technology for positioning the press load, which contrasts with the conventional hydraulic systems. Our spindle technology is clearly superior: it has lower maintenance requirements, a reduced need for spare parts, it is far less prone to the effects of hysteresis and temperature changes. It also has another key advantage: by eliminating the use of oil, the Schenck Process spindle rates higher for environmental friendliness than hydraulic-powered inspection stands.

Once connected to a bogie test rig, the DISOWARE BogieLoad data management system ensures that you have direct communication with the control of the press. It also provides practical editing options for the data measured along with interfaces to a wide range of customer-side IT systems.

On a final note: experts from Schenck Process contributed in defining the new DIN 25043 standard, Measuring of New Railway Vehicles.

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