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DISOCONT® from Schenck Process has always been synonymous with reliable measurement, control and regulation for continuous feeding. Now, the improved electronic system DISOCONT® Tersus takes the previous standards to a new level with intuitive touchscreen operation, intelligent interfaces and optimised modularity.

Say goodbye to limits

The aim of the DISOCONT® Tersus developers was to create a system for all. The result is a modular structure with several optional add-ons. Users can simply combine the units they require to produce an optimised and cost-effective solution for their particular application. The software has been enhanced to automate additional functions. The modular system adapts to applications of any complexity, and for ease of use the controls for standard applications have been reduced to the bare essentials.

This is a system that delivers on its promises. Users can deploy the system in such a way as to fulfil their exact requirements. The DISOCONT® Tersus system is already available for loss-in-weight feeders and screw weighfeeders. Special units will soon follow for weighfeeders, mass flow metering and feeding units, solid flow meters and feeders, conveyor belt scales and hopper scales.

The DISOCONT® Tersus electronic unit can be integrated in an existing scales mechanism to form a compact functional unit.

The intelligent optimisation of the interfaces substantially reduces the engineering workload. Only one unit needs to be planned, there is no need for a switch cabinet, and the amount of wiring required is minimal. All the engineer has to do is lay the power supply and data cables.

For maximum flexibility, the system comes with different housings for on-site use and installation in existing switch cabinets. The operating module may be a permanent part of the equipment, or a mobile unit. The control system may be wired or wireless depending on requirements.

Touchscreen and intuitive operation

With DISOCONT® Tersus, you can see exactly what is happening at a glance and make all the necessary settings. All functions are graphically illustrated on the colour display, from commissioning to setup and diagnostics. In short feed runs the system is adapted to a change of bulk material with the help of the program. In continuous operation, the system optimises itself automatically.
The best way to learn how to operate the system is by doing it. The touchscreen operation and display messages in the user’s language make it easy to get to grips with the necessary control functions.

Communication made easy

The communication structures have also been optimised and designed to respond to the requirements of the future. The DISOCONT® Tersus comes with plug-in fieldbus communication modules that enable it to share data with the control system. A PC or notebook can be connected to the system for service purposes and LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth connections are also available as standard.

The communication bus inside the scales allows all the components to be flexibly positioned. Service engineers can replace all the units without any need for readjustment or reconfiguration.

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