Every conventional analog scale will convert into a digital scale.

Visitors to Anuga 2006 will be able to enjoy a complete product presentation of the DISOBOX®, where Schenck Process specialists will be presenting the functionality of all system components.

At Schenck Process the future began a long time ago. This is confirmed by the impressive demonstration of the DISOBOX® monitoring principle beginning with the amazingly simple on-site installation of the system.

The DISOBOX® demonstrates its strengths in individual weight recording using a special exhibition model of a platform scale with four load cells of different nominal loads. The load on each individual weighing point can be read off separately – for monitoring of the cells or analysis of the load distribution on the scale. Established weighing data are transmitted to the customer’s network either by field bus or serial interface.

DISOBOX® turns every conventional analog scale into a digital scale

DISOBOX® turns every conventional analog scale into a digital scale; simply and cost-effectively. Combined with evaluation devices of the DISOMAT® range or the corresponding DISOVIEW E PC software, this creates high-precision, multi-talented weighing systems.

For demonstration purposes, we will be controlling the operation, parameter-setting and visualization of the scales on the exhibition stand with an industrial touch-screen PC. Customers and visitors will thus be able to see at a glance the functions of the high-performance, network-capable DISOVIEW E PC software.

The weight display can be calibrated and can be integrated simply and conveniently into any Windows program.

Significantly improved process reliability

Convincingly, even further improved process reliability, which becomes apparent even during commissioning. Accurate analysis of the dead-load distribution and convenient electronic corner alignment are also possible. During operation, the load distribution on the scale is analyzed and every load cell individually monitored.

In the event of a fault, the effected components are quickly identified. This not only saves time, materials and costs, but also improves the process reliability.

Technical data:

  • DISOBOX® is installed in a robust housing to protection type IP 65.
  • Up to eight synchronously measuring, high-resolution measuring channels, together with additional binary inputs and outputs.
  • Universal application.
  • Used as an 8-way converter, up to eight container scales can be recorded decentrally and coupled direct to the relevant control system by Profibus, DeviceNet or Ethernet.
  • With Ethernet, the individual scales or individual load cells (depending on the configuration) can be accessed over the customer’s Intranet.
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance can be carried out quickly and easily at any time, irrespective of the location.
  • Load cells of different nominal loads can be connected to a scale in asymmetrically designed systems – including in applications capable of calibration.
  • All components can also be replaced without re-adjustment/re-calibration.

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