The multi-functional solution: now with even more processing power, accuracy and convenience.

Analogue scales: upgrade to digital and go one better than conventional solutions

The main feature of the DISOBOX® Plus is the fact that it provides a simple solution to a complex requirement. It cost-effectively converts any conventional analogue scale into a high-performance digital scale. Combined with evaluation units from the DISOMAT® range or the PC software DISOVIEW E, it creates legal-for-trade mechatronic weighing systems with almost unlimited applications. To put it another way, it transforms traditional scales into multi-functional precision weighing solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Separate digitisation processes for more accurate results

The most important feature of the new electronic unit is the fact that output signals from up to eight load cells are recorded and digitised separately, so the operator can view the measurement voltage of individual cells at any time. This has important benefits, because the dead load distribution can be precisely specified during commissioning and electronic corner calibration can be performed very easily.

With the aid of modern communication modules, each load cell is individually monitored and the load distribution on the scale is accurately analysed during operation. In the event of deviations, the operator can intervene without delay. Defective components can be immediately identified and replaced, saving valuable production time and material. For more reliable processes, more safety, and even more accurate results.

Universal solution for flexibility

Not only is the DISOBOX® Plus multi-functional, it can also be used for almost any weighing task or process application. It provides a flexible solution wherever failsafe digital signal transfer is required. It’s ideal for systems with sensitive load distribution such as wheel load scales, test systems and scales designed to find the centre of gravity. Other typical areas of use include truck, train, crane and hopper scales. The solution performs in any weather: the Plus in the product name indicates its robustness and serviceability at extremes of heat and cold.

To sum up, conventional digital scales are excellent solutions. DISOBOX® Plus raises the standard – for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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