Increasing our customers success through data driven services with the digitization of our machines and process solutions.

The competencies of our employees are the key success factors to build, deliver and operate our products and solutions. Traditionally, our knowledge evolved around the manufacture of the perfect solution.

Throughout the last decades this “base” know-how also gave way to product enhancements and new product developments in other, newer fields such as digitalization. That is why at Schenck Process high end solutions and digitalization is not a contradiction.

Dr. Holger Hackstein, Chief Digital Officer of Schenck Process
Dr. Holger Hackstein, Chief Digital Officer of Schenck Process
Digitalization Strategy of Schenck Process
Digitalization Strategy of Schenck Process


Today, Schenck Process products can communicate and are able to exchange alerts and current conditions with our customers and product experts.

The data is as important as the knowledge where to put the sensors and the way in which we analyze the data in the context of the overall process operation. Therefore, we decided for a digitalization strategy which is as simple as it is powerful. It focuses on well-cared for machines and making processes work. The first element of our strategy is to create digital add-ons for our existing machine and solution portfolio.

The data we exchange enables us to get a better understanding of the current operation and further customer needs. We will use this information to create data driven services for our customers and use them internally as feedback to our product management and engineering experts for continuous improvement.

With these digital add-ons and digital services, we are able to open new business opportunities for the aftermarket, and will also protect and grow the fleet of existing installations.

The strategy is all about our products, the customer processes and our domain knowledge.

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