Let’s code the future – The Schenck Process Hackathon 2021

You're passionate about coding and have always wanted to try your skills on a real-life problem? Then let's code the future together.

1 challenge, 8 weeks to develop exciting solutions

Take the opportunity for a great experience and a real plus on your resume. Every successful hackathon team needs a range of skills, including design, marketing, and communication. Expand your network with many new contacts to experts. Create your own team and win 1,500 EUR for the crew with the best solution.

May the winning side of the code be with you!


Pick the challenge that inspires you

Inventing solutions to advance digital manufacturing and industry 4.0 and make processes faster and better.

How to automate general cargo?

We look for solutions that enable process, safety and performance improvement in complex semi- and fully-automated environments. In addition, simplifying complexity for demanding applications in the extreme operating environments.

How to digitalize delivery order documents, inventory, notes/weighing slips?

Many processes in the processing of incoming and outgoing goods have only simple connections to IT systems. The intelligent connection of processes can accelerate operations and save time. We are looking for solutions that provide an overview and 
simplify work processes.

How to identify and track materials?

Only complete traceability and reliable identification for all components of a product, will ensure consistent quality. That's why we need effective ways to track materials, components and products through a system - from manufacturing to end of life.


Download the Hackathon 2021 sheets and brochure here

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