Welcome to the digital launch event of CONiQ® Cloud - The professional backbone for all digital add-ons of our machines.

CONiQ® Cloud is the connection between your machines and our digital services. Our journey started already several years back with basic condition monitoring for a specific machine type. Since then, we have learned a lot, aimed even higher and grown the digital offers for our customers. Always traveling together with the customer. The release of CONiQ® Cloud now is the next important step on this journey.


We have created secure connectivity from Schenck Process machines to a secure data storage, including secure user and device management. On the collected data we provide functions with user interfaces that help our customers to significantly save money and make their business safe as well as sustainable. It is not enough to offer the best machines for our customers processes. We will make sure our customers are enabled to run their processes as optimized from the data that is generated.



Questions & Answers

1. CONiQ Cloud in general
2. CONiQ Cloud for vibration machines

CONiQ Cloud in general

What precisely is CONiQ Cloud?

  • CONiQ Cloud is the industrial IoT cloud from Schenck Process - for Schenck Process machines.
  • CONiQ Cloud is the backbone, connecting your Schenck Process machine to value-adding services. It is not limited to one specific machine type but is open to any Schenck Process equipment. Based on a smart and modular infrastructure, CONiQ Cloud can be adapted to various domains with minimal effort, considering domain specific sensors, analytics and dashboards.
  • On one side CONiQ Cloud is connected to your machine via the Schenck Process IoT edge solution CONiQ Monitor. Thus, it gets access to sensor and PLC data, depending on your wish. On the other side the CONiQ Cloud API enables communication with various further web solutions, increasing productivity and safety of the machine while reducing costs.
  • CONiQ Cloud starts with the integration of Schenck Process vibrating machines and offers proven online functionalities for this particular domain. Other machines and processes will be integrated soon.

What are the main advantages of CONiQ Cloud?

  • One access point for handling and supervising all your Schenck Process machines.
  • Intuitive dashboard presenting all relevant information in real time.
  • Fast and efficient service expert support due to shared dashboards for site personnel and Schenck Process technicians.
  • Automated alerts inform about arising problems, that require attention.
  • Machine-Learning based analytics separate usual patterns from actual problems.
  • Historic database and event labels covering the whole machine life cycle.
  • Secure data Push from CONiQ Monitor to CONiQ Cloud.
  • Drill-down dashboard layout: Machine & Process overview dashboard with direct links to machine-specific detail dashboards.
  • Easy integration of custom Machine Learning analytics to achieve a deep level of insights.
  • Offering of new services and insights which again offer valuable and cost-saving reaction time.

When and how can I use CONiQ Cloud for my machine?

The initial release of CONiQ Cloud supports monitoring of vibration screens. The scope of features will be increased continuously. From Q3 2021 onwards, further applications will be implemented step-by-step. The connection is only possible with the CONiQ Monitor hardware. The hardware includes a set of motion sensors as well as PLC/SCADA interfaces. Based on magnet-mounting wireless motion sensors, CONiQ Monitor is easy to retrofit and can even be installed, while the vibrating machine is in operation. Within the retrofitting process, no change to the monitored machine is required.

What do I have to provide from a customer perspective to add a machine to the CONiQ Cloud?

As minimal configuration you only need a power supply (85 ~ 264 VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz) for CONiQ Monitor which pushes relevant condition and process data continuously into the CONiQ Cloud. CONiQ Monitor establishes internet connection via WiFi, 4G cellular communication or Ethernet. Since CONiQ Monitor provides process critical information, a SCADA integration can be utilized to prevent sudden and catastrophic machine failure.

What is the rough timeline of the CONiQ Cloud journey

CONiQ Cloud as a platform will be continuously enhanced to include new functions and apps. In addition new Schenck Process machines and applications will be added to the platform in an iterative continuous process. Starting with vibrating machines, integration of the following machines and processes is pending:

  • Milling
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Coal dust feeding
  • Food processing equipment
  • … and more

New Features to be implemented are:

  • Easy-to-use heatmap illustration of abnormal machine and process behavior
  • Machine-Learning models for virtual sensors (load estimator, performance indicator, etc.)
  • Remaining Useful Life-Estimation of components
  • Auto-Reporting functionality
  • Digital machine file from design stage over operation to end-of-life
  • … and more

CONiQ Cloud for vibration machines

What are the benefits of CONiQ Cloud in comparison to the existing Condition Monitoring solutions from Schenck Process?

CONiQ Cloud teams up with the new CONiQ Monitor edge hardware to form the next-generation condition monitoring solution of Schenck Process. In comparison to the 2015’ release CONiQ system, the key benefits are as follows:

  • Based on most recent IoT technologies, the new CONiQ solutions are fully flexible in relation to sensors, analytics and communication interfaces. Thereby the new CONiQ solution can be continuously adapted to emerging customer needs, rising IoT technologies and new lessons-learned referring to screen monitoring. This again ensures, that the IoT-based CONiQ solutions will continuously provide more insights with an increasing level of accuracy.
  • Wireless IP67 weatherproof sensors for increased reliability and usability.
  • Industry leading Screen Motion Monitoring analytics based on distributed synchronized self-levelling motion sensors. Thereby even issues with subtle warning signals can be detected and diagnosed providing valuable information to save maintenance and operational costs.
  • Great versatility enabling to perfectly fit CONiQ Monitor to any machine type including elliptical motion machines and Screens driven by four Schenck Process DF704 exciters.
  • In-built self-diagnosis to avoid false alarms and foster efficient troubleshooting.
  • Faster Web Interface through higher scalability.
  • One access point for the user, with better control of his assets.

When will Exciter Monitoring be included within the CONiQ Cloud?

Exciter Monitoring functionality is added with the next release scheduled for Q3 2021. Easy-to-retrofit wireless sensors will be used to measure exciter condition related signals.

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