LOGiQ® – The integrated logistics solution for no-touch yard management

The LOGiQ® system provides a seamless logistics solution for smooth and efficient yard management. Its fully automated and integrated structure makes loading or unloading trucks an effortless process with only minimum employee intervention.

From the minute an authorized truck approaches your premises through entering the yard, doing initial weighing, loading the right amount of materials, exit weighing and then leaving your yard, the LOGiQ® system takes care of all the steps.  LOGiQ® ensures that all information is ready at hand, collects and processes driver and order data, and feeds everything into the underlying IT system (e.g., SAP) in real time.

Thanks to fully automated processes, you 

  • optimize cycle times
  • reduce labor costs
  • provide fraud protection
  • access actual sales and management data in real time
  • minimize yard traffic and efficiently allocate interim parking spaces

LOGiQ® is designed as a comprehensive system taking care of the entire logistics chain happening on your yard; but you may also choose and select just those elements you need for your particular set-up. Either way, we’re there for you.

Yard Management Software for Automation with LOGiQ

LOGiQ® – automated, tamper-proof, efficient

LOGiQ® is a logistics control system that automates all processes, from ordering to truck handling, from entering the premises to leaving again with all paperwork – calling for minimum workforce on-site even in 24/7 operation.

Access is controlled by an LOGiQ® Access Terminal installed at the yard gate. The system distinguishes between permanent card holders and one time visitors. Delivery truck drivers present an authorization card at the gate, enter the premises, load or unload, and leave again – recording each weighing, loading, and unloading step themselves at automated LOGiQ® self-service terminals, and complying with all regulatory requirements. Intuitive operation and pre-defined procedures ensure error-free handling. The terminals support multiple languages, can scan paperwork and bar codes, and print out all reports truck drivers need. For driving off the yard, drivers open the gate with their authorization card. Nothing could be more convenient.

With its seamless interplay of software modules, interactive and automated displays and operating panels, as well as hardware from gate authorization to weighing and loading terminals, LOGiQ® presents a huge step forward for everyone involved in the supply chain.

LOGiQ® – automated, tamper-proof, efficient


LOGiQ® self-service terminals

LOGiQ® allows for easy, fast and error-free registration, weighing and loading – thanks to the interactive LOGiQ® self-service terminals.

LOGiQ® registration, weighing and printing terminals have been designed for indoor and outdoor use and are particularly insensitive to weather influences. The driver and load are identified using RFID cards or QR code scanners. An optional intercom system enables communication with the operating personnel in the factory or control centre. The extensive functions of the terminals relieve the workload of the plant’s own personnel and accelerate your processes.

Loading Automation System from Schenck Process

At the Registration Terminal, all necessary data can be easily entered via touch screen. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, no special training is required and the truck driver can carry out registration and other functions independently.

The Weighing Terminal is responsible for controlling input and output weighing in LOGiQ®. The terminal monitors and controls the logical weighing processes depending on the type of transport. A distinction is made between bulk material, parcelled goods and special weighing for deliveries of any type of material.

The Loading Terminal offers the possibility of integrating a loading station into a dispatch automation system. The integration into the dispatch automation takes place with a contactless identification system (RFID or QR code). All this enables self-service at the loading points by the truck driver. Thanks to this, no own personnel has to be present during loading or unloading.

All terminals have an Ethernet connection and I/O contacts. Optionally, the terminals can be equipped with laser printers or receipt printers, intercom stations, and various operating elements. All LOGiQ® components can be easily combined with each other and also with products from other suppliers – resulting in solutions able to greatly enhance the performance of existing components of your logistics chain.

Of course, all collected data is processed in compliance with GDPR and all relevant statutory requirements. No business details are divulged to any third parties so that confidentiality remains in place at all times. Still, the LOGiQ® system is configured in such a way that data protection, consistent authorisations, and convenient handling are combining to increase the powerful performance of the entire solution.

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