Accurate, Flexible, Convenient, Safe:
Controlling each step in your production chain

As different as industrial processes may be, they all have important things in common: all process steps must be perfectly synchronised; resources and materials need to be handled efficiently; defined benchmarks (weight, flow, speed, etc.) must be met diligently; waste, downtime, errors, and faults need to be minimized as far as ever possible; whereas output quality and consistency are to be maximized.

At each point, there resides potential for optimization. And in order to realize these potentials, all relevant parameters need to be controlled with the utmost accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. That’s where Schenck Process Controllers come into their own.

DISOCONT® Tersus service control unit
DISOCONT® Tersus service control unit


It’s not saying too much when we claim that the use cases for Schenck Process Controllers are virtually unlimited – all perfectly geared to the needs of your production processes. Just to cite a few highlights:

Weighing: Wherever maximum flexibility and digital, fault-proof signal transmission are required, DISBOX Plus converts conventional analog scales into digital scales, both for legal-for-trade and for process applications. The advantage is that the output signal of each load cell is digitized separately, allowing for precise analysis of dead load distribution during commissioning including convenient, electronic corner balancing, e.g. in truck scale operation, rail vehicle scales, crane scales, and hopper scales.

Feeding: Whether it’s continuous, single-component, or multi-component feeding processes or batch feeding tasks, Schenck Process offers the perfect controllers for your needs, comprising as diverse areas of application such as loss-in-weight feeders or weighfeeders. Mass Flow Measuring: For a large variety of measuring principles, from impact measurement to Coriolis technology, Schenck Process has the appropriate controller to measure mass flow accurately and to control related devices like feeders, valves, and further systems in real time.

Pneumatic Conveying: To reduce energy and degradation for pneumatic conveying systems, smart controls as E-finity or IDSiQ optimize dilute-phase conveying operations. These solutions help to increase customer output quality while reducing operational spending significantly.

Environmental Controls: Wherever you need special controls with regard to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, Schenck Process is able to deliver customized control solutions. A case in point: The ModuPower® MPX high-frequency switch mode power supply will provide efficient control to optimize power supply and reduce sparks in critical process applications such as electrostatic precipitators.

E-finity® – Dense phase conveying system

Convenient operation: user-friendly, ergonomic, and safe

Since precision and reliability are two cornerstones of efficient processes, our controllers are designed so that everyday operation can be performed as easily and smoothly as possible. This is ensured by the interplay of many factors: leading-edge technology and flawless functioning are a matter of course. Add to that optimized user interfaces, colored displays on easily legible screens, intuitive handling, and multi-language capability, and you arrive at a level of operational ease that has a direct positive impact on your processes – and which allows taking the right immediate action whenever a special situation arises.


Flexible and easy to integrate

IOT-ready and flexible with regard to a lot of industrial interfacing standards – Schenck Process CONiQ® controls are fit for easy system integration and are available with different housing variants. This allows the controller to be adapted precisely to various applications and environments. The functions of the controller are determined by the software, expansion modules used, and parametrization.


Custom solutions from a single source

With Schenck Process, you’ll get everything you need from a single source. Our control systems are designed, programmed, and built in-house, by our own personnel. Schenck Process engineers understand the ins and outs of plant processes just like they do control system hardware and software. Since most process systems are unique, the control engineers at Schenck Process create a control system designed specifically for your process, perfectly meeting your standards and specifications, incorporating those hardware and software products that make the most of each. So that you can take advantage of new networking and integration technologies to more tightly control process setpoint entry and gain better visibility of process performance, we’ve integrated our control systems with various plant-wide computer systems. All with the objective of making your processes more efficient and consistent by reducing waste, improving finished product quality, and increasing throughput and efficiency.

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