The CONiQ® Cloud is the IoT backbone to make your machines and processes smarter.

CONiQ Cloud is designed for you to access data from your assets and offers various benefits from simple monitoring and transparency to ad-hoc service expert support on immediate and historic machine issues. In addition, the CONiQ® Cloud includes easy-to-use dashboards with KPI information directly on your mobile device, so you have all relevant information with you - any time, any place. Thanks to the global setup, your need for support on data interpretation, recommendation for action and constant improvement is just one click away. Thus, you can get complementary support on all level around the data of your assets to support your operation and maintenance team.


CONiQ® Cloud includes an easy-to-use Web-Dashboard which brings KPIs directly to any laptop, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection. Dashboards are linked to specific accounts, so that users get access to their private machines only.


  • Fast overview of all your machines condition.
  • Detailed view of the condition of a single selected machine.
  • Focus on fast dashboard loading.
  • Responsive Webdesign – Dashboard panels adapt to screen resolution and panel interactions such as zooming work smoothly with both mouse and touch.
  • Time zone and dashboard language automatically adapt to the client system.
  • Graphical illustration of thresholds in trend diagrams enable quick assessment of whether a machine is operating within or outside its tolerance bands.
  • Configurable E-Mail alerts on threshold exceedance.
Make a connection: Remote access options.
Make a connection: Remote access options.


CONiQ Cloud® enables data-processing from various sources. It is connectible to any customer system or other IoT Cloud. With the release of CONiQ Cloud, Schenck Process offers a proprietary IoT edge solution CONiQ Monitor.



With the upcoming release CONiQ Cloud is not only capable to monitor the vibrating equipment itself, its motion, condition and performance, but also thecondition of the unbalance exciters, which drive the vibration screens and feeders. With minimum installation effort, one wireless sensor is mounted on the exciter’s lid via magnet. As soon as the exciter fatigues the sensor picks-up high frequency signals emitted by worn bearings and gear wheels.

CONiQ Cloud is interpreting the data and sends out warnings to the users via color-coded dashboards and emails. This information enables the customer to schedule exciter replacement weeks before failure thereby preventing unnecessary process shutdown and saving significant maintenance costs.


  • Identify issues early to gain more reaction time
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • Plan maintenance effectively and in advance
  • Ensure efficient and effective machine operation
  • Minimize maintenance Costs
Sensor node from CONiQ® Monitor. Up to 8 of these wireless synchronized sensors are distributed around the Vibrating Machine.
Sensor node from CONiQ® Monitor. Up to 8 of these wireless synchronized sensors are distributed around the Vibrating Machine.
LinaClass® SLO banana screen from Schenck Process
LinaClass® SLO banana screen from Schenck Process

Download the CONiQ® Cloud sheets and brochure here

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