Metal Production - Iron, Steel & Non Ferrous Metals

Whether it be handling raw material or processed material, we have the capability to optimise your Metals handling and weighing, from the point of arrival at the plant, all the way through to despatch.

Our engineered systems enable nearly all processes that take place during the production of metals.

For Steel, these include the production of Coke (from Coal), Sinter and Pelletizing. Pulverized Coal & Injection within a Blast Furnace, Steel Refining in a Basic Oxygen Furnace, as well as Steel Refining in an Electric Arc Furnace and finally, Steel Casting & Rolling.

For Non-Ferrous these include: Flash, QSL, TSL, Peirce Smith, Anode, Rotary, EAF, SAF, DC and Plasma.

Iron, Steel & Non Ferrous Metals

Benefits of Relying on Schenck Process Equipment:

  • Significant increase in productivity
  • High system availability, reliability and performance
  • Low operating costs and maintenance
  • Greater process control
  • Cost savings through process efficiencies
  • Environmental sustainability of process
  • Maintenance services, alongside speedy spares availability
  • Flexibility to integrate with any existing technologies
  • Wealth of experience for reliability and peace of mind

Our Key Solutions:

  • Bulk Reception Units / Truck Unloading
  • Hot Sinter Screening
  • Belt Weighers
  • Beam Weighers
  • Crane, Scrap and Tundish Weighers
  • Train/Rail Weighing of Rail Wagons
  • Truck Weighing
  • Weighing Feeders / Bulk Dosing
  • Mechanical Belt Conveyors
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors
  • Pneumatic Injection
  • Coal Milling, Drying and Injection
  • Load Cells
  • Dust Handling Valves and Systems

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Processes We Support in Metals

At Schenck Process, we are involved first at the Mine with crushing and beneficiation/concentrators - an area where our Mining Team can advise on the best possible process solutions >>.

Following Mining: On arrival at the Iron Works and Steel Processing Plant, we are involved with yard storage and material transport for mechanical and pneumatic conveying. As well as stockyard screening, sinter line build, sinter screen and transport.

Additional further solutions include furnace feed, PCI, dust handling and re-injection, ladle handling and weighing - all the way through to concast and semi-product finishing.

On arrival at the Non Ferrous Smelter or Refinery, we can assist with offload, transfer to storage, bedding, in addition to mechanical and pneumatic conveying. Weighing, feeding, dry feed, dust handling and processing dose are all areas we are also heavily involved in. Even all the way up to delivery of cathode or semis to the market.

How We Make your Metal Processes Work

Turning raw material such as Ore and Concentrate into useable Metals, efficiently and safely as possible, remains a complex process. This is where our knowledgeable team at Schenck Process can deliver control, safety and improved efficiency by delivering process step solutions to your existing furnaces.

Our solutions are designed to significantly improve manufacturing processes and provide more productivity, control and safety for both personnel and the environment. Our systems are also customised on a project-by-project basis, ensuring we meet the requirements of each plant.

Why the Metal and Steel Industry is Crucial

Metals such as Steel, are needed in countless places all over the world, in every conceivable shape and volume. Every year, around 1.6billion tons of Steel are produced and that figure is growing fast. Data reported includes - Copper: 16million, Lead: 5million, Zinc: 14million - all tonnes per annum.

Steel in particular, is the base material in construction and is a sector that would hardly be able to function without Steel. It is used everywhere for construction, such as in support frames, multi-story buildings, bridges, trains and machines. Not only these, but also in everyday objects such as screws, paper clips, pots or cutlery.

Non Ferrous Metals such as Aluminium and Copper are commonly used for conductors. These are also core materials in the automobile industry; areas which are key to supporting the environmental focus on electric solutions.

Copper is a key material for when heat and electrical conductivity is required in motors, wiring and in batteries, where low mass and high conductivity are delivered.

Download our Plant Process Documents below, or CLICK to EMAIL for SUPPORT from our METALS TEAM

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Flow sheets
Steel Plant Process Iron Blast Furnace
Steel Plant Process Integrated Mill
Steel Plant Process Blast Furnace
Steel Plant Process Mini Mill
Steel | Coal to Coke Plant Flow Sheet
Steel | Sinter Plant Flow Sheet
Steel | Pelletizing Plant Flow Sheet
Steel | Pulverized Coal & Injection Blast Furnace Flow Sheet
Steel Refining | Basic Oxygen Furnace & Electric Arc Furnace
Pulverized Coal Injection Flow Sheet
Steel Making | Casting & Rolling
Aluminium | Non Ferrous Metal
Copper & Nickel | Base Metal Plant Process
Lead and Zinc | Non Ferrous Metal
Expertise in steel
Pneumatic conveying for iron & steel and non-ferrous production plants
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