Dust Collection and Material Handling for Grain and Agriculture Processes

Schenck Process knows the importance of safety and the specialized needs of the grain and agriculture industries. A full team of in-house engineers can help you choose the proper venting, containment or suppression for your Schenck Process dust collection system. Additionally, our expertise in conveying, weighing, loading and unloading of dry bulk solids allows us to address your material handling needs from one end of the plant to the other.

Shown below are some of the grain and agriculture applications where we have extensive experience:

  • Plant controls systems upgrades
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Scaling systems for mixers
  • Hammermill airlift convey and dust collection systems
  • Grain unload storage and transfer to processing
  • Grain dust transfer systems
  • Pneumatic convey product recovery from dust filter and cyclones
  • Pellet mill cooler emission control systems
  • Weighing and bulk material receiving
  • Minor and micro ingredient additive systems
  • Feeding raw vegetables into processing plants
  • Feeding corn and biomass into ethanol production