LOGiQ® – The loading automation system for the waste industry

Download flow sheet as pdf.


Bullet point 1

LOGiQ® ParkManager
LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager
Registration terminal
Large display

Bullet point 2

LOGiQ® WeighManager
LOGiQ® WebDispatchManager
LOGiQ® AccessManager
LOGiQ® PrintManager
DISOWARE Atlas software
Weighbridge with peripheral equipment
Dispatch workstation

Bullet point 3

LOGiQ® LoadingManager
Hopper scales
Loading terminal
Network camera


Bullet point 4

Release terminal
Network camera

Bullet point 5

LOGiQ® basic package
LOGiQ® BackupManager
LOGiQ® MasterDataManager
LOGiQ® ERPManager
LOGiQ® DataExchangeManager
LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager
Dispatch workstation