Benefits for you

    The Schenck Process TestCenter provides many exciting benefits that support the creation of solutions that can reliably, effectively and efficiently manage the movement of material. By thoroughly testing materials, the data produced can be used to shape the correct prediction of:

    • Pipeline length
    • Vessel size
    • Compressor size
    • Filter size

    Schenck Process is also able to develop extremely efficient solutions for particular materials. In other words, the solution which proved to be the most suitable from tests for your specific application is obtained with precision and virtually no risks. Other benefits include:

    • The option of accessing comprehensive material test data
    • Special material properties are recorded very quickly
    • Detailed insight into the ability of materials to be conveyed
    • Reliable solution for conveying or injecting materials before an investment decision has to be taken

    At Schenck Process, we are resolutely focused on delivering the most efficient and economically beneficial solutions in the marketplace. The Schenck Process TestCenter helps us do this by providing extensive material tests for our research and development work, on the basis of which we develop innovative solutions to countless customer problems.

    The conveying lines at the Schenck Process TestCenter are amongst the most modern in the sector. They are able to convey materials over a distance of 1.6 km and therefore realistically simulate various conditions.

    The Schenck Process TestCenter also has test facilities for lean phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying and a continuous injection system. Even abrasive materials such as DSG, copper concentrate and HRA have been conveyed and injected at the centre. The Schenck Process material testing process also helps develop and refine process knowledge and know-how of specific materials and the way in which pneumatic technology can manage and handle these substances.

    Tests for consultancy or research purposes can also be carried out in the Schenck Process TestCenter and systems which are no longer functioning as expected can be investigated.