40.000 tests 4.000 bulk material

    Perfect reliability through more than 40.000 tests with more than 4.000 different species of bulk material.

    Perfectly balanced formulae are a must in the chemical, food and plastics industries as well as in the pharmaceutical sector. Our adaptable high-tech solutions are specially designed for these complex tasks. They are extremely precise and offer long-term accuracy, reliability and consistency.

    Which feeder is best for which bulk material? In order to provide customers with accurate answers to this question, Schenck Process GmbH are now offering tests at their new, modern TestCenter in Darmstadt that are based on real life situations. More test rigs and an improved level of automation mean that the TestCenter can now run even more accurate tests, all very closely based on actual processing circumstances.

    Additional test facilities can be found across our worldwide Group Locations in Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, UK and USA.

    A varied job: bulk material feeding and handling

    Bulk material is a term that covers a huge number of materials with very different properties. It includes coal, gypsum, sand, gravel, stones, soil, dust, meal, seasonings, cement, scrap or liquids. Due to its specific size, density or consistency, every material has very different "bulk properties" and requires corresponding handling.

    Bulk material handling needs to take all this into account because the ability to feed, screen, and transport all kinds of bulk materials is key to success for various industries, including for example the production of food, the manufacture of cement and building material, steel production or non-ferrous metallurgy.

    Bulk material handling is made simple with numerous Schenck Process products

    Industry keeps bulk materials under control at all times thanks to Schenck Process. Our systems guarantee safety and economic time management for all the automatic processes stated here. It doesn't matter how fine or coarse, light or heavy, granular or liquid the material is.